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photo of a garage door we replaced near downtown Sacramento

Belt drive garage door openers in Sacramento, CA

belt drive garage door opener sacramentoOur top of the line LiftMaster Model 3585 garage door opener heavy duty ¾ HP Belt Drive

The belt drive system is the quietest of all available garage door opening systems. Smooth and reliable it lifts and guides the door open and close without the metal on metal noise associated with chain or screw drive openers. These are ideal for any home where a garage is near a living area and especially respectful of neighbors when used in a condo or townhome community.

Liftmaster belt drive openers are designed for maximum strength, durability, and silent operation. Liftmaster makes their belt systems with a steel lined belt that is taught at all times during operation and is not subject to stretching or losing its strength in ways found with systems from other belt drive manufacturers.

Some say that a belt drive system is not suited for heavy doors or extreme climates, but Liftmaster has overcome this with their superior design and engineering. From the steel lined belt, similar to what is used in steel belted tires, through their quiet motor systems, Liftmaster has made it possible for anyone that wants a silent system, to have one without regard to the weight of their door or local climate.

Liftmaster has three primary belt drive openers. The Elite Series 8550 incorporates battery back-up system that allows the system to work even if the power is out. The Elite Series 3585 has a 3/4 hp motor made for heavy doors. Both Elite Series openers have the option of adding Liftmasters' proprietary MyQ technology which allows the opener to be controlled remotely from anywhere across the globe. The Premium Series 3280 is the final of the Liftmaster belt drive systems available. The 3280 comes with a 1/2 hp motor that is ideal for most modern roll up doors.

  1. Quietest drive system on the market
  2. Quickest, most powerful motor offered
  3. Excellent performance in cold temperatures
  4. 200 watts of visible light
  5. Premium accessory package
  6. Motor and belt comes with a lifetime warranty

battery backup garage door openerLiftMaster Model 3850 - Belt Drive with Battery Backup When the power goes out, your garage door still goes up.

  1. Ultra-quiet belt drive with DC motor drive system
  2. 200 watts of flood light
  3. Premium accessory package
  4. Lifetime motor and belt warranty included on this unit

most reliable garage door openerThis model has set the standard in quality and performance. The LiftMaster Model 3280 half horse power Belt Drive Unit.

  1. Ultra-quiet belt drive system
  2. 200 watts of light
  3. Lifetime motor and belt warranty