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photo of a garage door we replaced near downtown Sacramento

Overhead Door Sacramento

custom wood overhead doorWe service all brands and custom made overhead garage doors. We can make custom wood doors if your older door cannot be repaired. Our factory is local and is in downtown Sacramento. We invite you to come down and watch your door being made.

Most typical overhead garage doors are extremely heavy and can range in weight between 300 and 400 pounds. Some of the more modern models come in wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass with the main materials being wood and steel. Wood comes in more varieties and is much more aesthetically pleasing but requires more maintenance. Maintaining a wood door requires painting from time to time to keep it looking good.

In contrast, steel doors are built to last longer and may provided additional security. Most manufacturers of steel doors have done a great job of making the doors look natural like their wood counterparts. Some of the drawbacks of a steel door are repairs can be more expensive if you dent the door and parts are definitely more costly as well as the labor to fix the door might be slightly more. Not to worry though as we can make the same type of door cheaper and better using wod if you desire.

Installing an overhead garage door should be left to professionals who know the dangers that exist during installation. Some of the overhead door dangers during installation are due to the spring’s ability to uncoil and damage anything in its path. Recently one of our customers was injured while adding tension to his spring. Call us and we will work somthing out quickly to get your spring adjusted.

Overhead doors have some new advanced features making them an attractive door for the safety conscience. There is an infrared beam transmitted from the bottom of the tracks to a receiver to determine if there is something in its path. The door then stops and returns to a fully open state. An automatic door opener is always recommended when replacing an old door and you can be assured of long life as long as your overhead door is properly lubricated.