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photo of a garage door we replaced near downtown Sacramento

Garage Door Types Found in Sacramento

There are so many garage door types these days, the most common being a sectional type of door that moves on tracks allowing the panels to roll up below the ceiling. This is a good type of door design to be used with almost any type of automatic opener. It is also a good choice due to its low maintenance long lasting design structure.

photo of a sectional type of door which is common in SacramentoThere are many other types of doors available for special circumstances and Garage Door Repair Pros would be glad to show you these types of doors if we feel they can enhance your home in any way. For example there is a design called the double carriage garage door. This type of door is suited better for winter conditions that we rarely experience in Sacramento CA. This type of door has the ability to swing away from your garage.

Many garage door styles are available for you to choose from to enhance the value of your home. Variables such as materials used for durability to styles to make you home look more attractive. Some door type has windows while others have solid door panels. The most common materials used in manufacturing today include steel, aluminum and wood. Other more interesting materials are fiberglass, plastic, wood composites and metal combinations. You also have the option of multiple door panels as opposed to one large door that spans the entire distance.

Some other decisions include aesthetics over functionality. Some doors might be more pleasing to the eye but lack in insulation qualities. If you’re not too worried about insulating your garage then maybe an industrial style less expensive door would be a good choice. Most garage door manufactures assume your garage needs some type of insulation due to the garage being heated or some other room has an adjacent wall that is heated in which case, energy efficiency will become an important factor.

Another option if you need some type of durability factor from active kids is a door made from a more sturdy material like a heavy gauge steel. If noise is a factor you might consider a door with special noise reducing insulation. If you plan on adding an automatic garage door opener you won’t need to get a more lightweight door.

Vinyl coated doors are a new fade due to their low maintenance and ease of cleaning. Steel doors on the other hand require special tools if you get dents. But the benefits of the steel doors ability to block noise might be worth it.