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photo of a garage door we replaced near downtown Sacramento

Liftmaster Chain Drive Openers

photo of a LiftMaster chain drive opener we sell and serviceLiftmaster chain drive garage door openers combine affordability with durability. Chain drive openers use a linked chain, similar to those used on most bicycles, connected to two sprockets. Each sprocket is located on opposite ends of the door opener, one at the main base and the other at the tip of the arm that reaches from the base to the garage door.

Liftmaster chain drive garage door openers can be used to lift the heaviest of garage doors. They are rugged and deliver consistent performance in any type of weather. This durability and strength is particularly present in the chain drive systems because both the chain and sprockets are made of strong rigid metal that will not fail, even when under a heavy load. This strength and dependability is even more present when operating a standard or lightweight door as the chain and sprocket deliver more strength than necessary.

Liftmaster has a variety of chain drive openers available, most of which include the extensive list of available options and accessories that Liftmaster has developed to meet the varied and unique needs of customers. As an example, the Liftmaster 8360 Premium Series Chain Drive opener has an optional system that includes a battery back where the opener will operate even if there is no power to the home. This could be critical in situations where you come home at night in bad weather and need to drive directly into the garage, even if the power is out.

Another example of Liftmaster's extensive chain drive product line is the Elite Series 3595. The 3595 combines a 3/4 horsepower motor with a commercial grade I-beam arm and extra support brackets that can open heavy custom solid wood or carriage doors reliably with ease.