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photo of a garage door we replaced near downtown Sacramento

Liftmaster Screw Drive Openers

LiftMaster screw drive opener with battery backup systemLiftmaster screw drive garage door openers are as durable and strong as the more historically and commonly used chain drive systems with the added benefit of producing less noise and being more reliable. The reliability comes from the screw drive mechanism itself, which is a screw that turns while connected to a threaded rod that moves the door to open or close. The screw and rod system are a simpler design than chain drive systems and with fewer moving parts.

With fewer moving parts the Liftmaster screw drive opener is more reliable than a chain drive system because there are fewer parts to wear against each other as the opener operates. Fewer parts also allow for more strength to be directly delivered to the handling of the door as the power of the motor is not diminished as it moves through unnecessary mechanisms.

low cost screw drive openers in SacramentoThe screw drive systems also offer a smooth and steady opening process. Where a chain drive system can pull and tug during operation, the screw and rod mechanism do not allow for an uneven process thus reducing wear on the opener and the garage door itself.

Liftmaster offers two models of screw drive opener. The first is the Premium Series 3240 which uses a 1/2 hp motor to quietly and reliably operate in either a hot or cold climate. The Contractor Series 3130 is a 1/3 hp motor driven screw drive opener that is also built for extreme climates and can perform well with a steady open or close process.

Liftmaster Premium Series screw drive openers also include access to the same list of available options and accessories that can give the opener system the custom features that can make any particular system unique to each customer. Liftmaster Chain Drive Openers