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photo of a garage door we replaced near downtown Sacramento

Direct drive door openers Offered in Sacramento, CA


The direct drive, also called a jackshaft, garage door opener is used with roll-up doors and has several features that make it ideal for many situations. Unlike most garage door openers, the direct drive system mounts to the front inside wall of the garage and attaches directly to the torsion bar of any roll-up door. This space saving mounting is necessary for garages with a low ceiling clearance and ideal for garages with high ceilings. With a direct drive system you no longer have to sacrifice overhead space that can be put to use for storage or to allow for additional ceiling to floor clearance when necessary.

The Liftmaster jackshaft direct drive system has the strength to lift any weight door and without having a long arm with rollers, belts or chains it has fewer moving parts which increases reliability. Liftmaster has also taken the extra steps to make the system as silent as a belt drive system. This allows it to be used in any garage that is attached to a home, condo, or townhome without disturbing others.

The Liftmaster Elite Series 3800 jackshaft opener also includes a DC motor that is not only energy efficient, but allows for an optional DC battery back-up system to be attached. This back-up power system allows the door to operate even if there is no power to the home. This is especially convenient because when the power is out it is oftentimes a situation when you need your door to open without effort, either to get into the garage to escape bad weather or to get a vehicle out of the garage to leave the home.