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photo of a garage door we replaced near downtown Sacramento

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Measuring your garage door for replacement or repair.

Diagram of a garage door opening to illustrate measuring areas1) The first step is to measure the width of your existing door or one of the panels. Then measure the total door height or the height of one of the panels and count the number of panels. Please keep the measurements in feet and inches. The diagram to the right will help you with the measuring areas.

Width: ________________ Height: _________________

The dimensions should be the same as the opening area of your garage and will be used to determine the door size.

2) Now it is time to account for the side room necessary for your tracks and springs. It is necessary to allow 3.75", which is standard for the vertical track assembly. You will need 5.5" if you’re going to us an extension spring.

Left Side: ___________________ Right Side: __________________

3) Header Measurement is the next step. This is the area of your garage opening that starts from the ceiling and extends to the top of the doorway opening.

Existing Header: _____________________________

Please note the amount of room needed for the hardware. The hardware consists of the torsion springs and rail assembly necessary to lift your door. Please allow 10" for standard hardware. If you have limited header height we have specialized hardware for this application. The minimum for this hardware is five inches.
Please pay attention to the actual garage door height if it extends above the door opening because the added distance needs to be added to the header height.

Header Room Needed: ______________________________

4) Now comes the travel distance of the door. This travel measurement starts at the garage opening and extends to the opposite back wall.

Travel: _____________________________________

Standard garage door sizes for residential include 8' wide, 9' wide and 16' wide by 7' high. Garage Door Repair Sacramento can custom make any size you need for an additional cost.

We are now accepting orders for custom size wood doors made right here in our Sacramento factory.

by John  - 9/18/2013

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